Summer is right around the corner, and we are all looking forward to the end of the winter chill. I am ready for warm sunny outdoor celebrations with family and friends, holidays and all the backyard barbeques!

Maybe you haven’t renovated yet and don’t have a backyard lawn, or perhaps you’ve got a backyard that needs a spruce up? We have some ideas for backyard landscaping that will make those hibernating bears in your household instantly cheer up.


Modern landscaping designs often involve breaking up your outdoor space with native plants, stone and different styles of paving, making your backyard look unique. Designs should prioritise what your entertaining plans intend to be, so have a think about the space and how much of it will be used for different events or activities.

When you plan to use your barbeque, its best to include a small patio space in your design. This will ensure the kids don’t come too close to the barbeque area when your cooking, but it could also help with sub-dividing your backyard space for multiple activities or groups of people.

One of the best ideas to consider in landscape design is grass. Artificial grass has been growing in popularity as its usable all year round, and its available in many different styles and patterns so you can uniquely match your entertaining needs to the type of grass you desire. This grass comes in different lengths and patterns, so depending on your needs or location, you can choose to have a shorter mowed look, or a grass that’s a little wilder and organic in look and feel. You can even get different blends of grass to match natural varieties found in your region. For the best synthetic grass in Melbourne, it’s always advisable to seek out a local stockist to ensure you find the products matching the correct species.

If you have a young family, you may want a lawn that is sturdy and takes a lot of heavy use for playing backyard sports on. Or if you’re going to have parties and need a lot of space, you can cheaply cover a larger area with artificial grass, which will last longer and be more resilient to heavy foot traffic. With minimal risk of weather damage, artificial grass is ideal for households with backyard pools and spas. Don’t forget many artificial grasses come with warranties, up to 10-15 years, guaranteeing they will last a long time.


Real grass often looks great, but there are frequent concerns with having it, such as the need for lawn mowing and weeding. These costs can accumulate over the summertime as the grass and weeds grow even faster. An artificial turf will minimise these issues, and ensure your grass stays consistent throughout the often hot and dry Australian summers.

You won’t need to water it or use any herbicides, so problems with high water bills and allergy sufferers will be avoided. Hayfever is another common issue for many households, and there will be less irritants in the open air to interrupt you when entertaining outdoors. 

Don’t forget the most important component of your landscape design should be that it is functional for you and your friends. Design decisions in the planning stage could save a lot of cost and burden later on, so make sure you plan ahead.

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