Is Your Condo Association in Orange County or Los Angeles in Compliance with the Balcony Inspection Law: SB 326?

Condo associations in Orange County and Los Angeles have a lot on their plates! Not only do they have their own associations’ bylaws to abide by, but also local and state regulations that require their compliance. In August 2019, a new bill was signed into law that applies to condo associations: Senate Bill 326 (SB 326). This bill has not required any action by condo associations in Orange County or Los Angeles yet, but that is about to change. By the end of 2024, all condo associations must be in compliance with SB 326, or face potentially steep fines from local authorities.

What Is SB 326 and What Must Condo Associations in Orange County and Los Angeles Do to Be in Compliance?

SB 326 is a new requirement for condo associations in California to have the exterior elevated elements within their complexes inspected regularly by a professional. Exterior elevated elements include any balconies, decks, exterior staircases, porches, and walkways that are more than six feet above the ground and at least partially supported by wood.

The first inspection for most condo complexes must be completed by January 1, 2025. Inspections can only be completed by a licensed architect or structural engineer.

Not every condo balcony needs to be inspected, however. SB 326 states that only a “random and statistically significant sample of exterior elevated elements for which the association has maintenance or repair responsibilities” is required to be professionally inspected.

How Can a Condo Association Find a Qualified Balcony Inspector in Orange County or Los Angeles?

A condo association could just start calling around to licensed architects and structural engineers in Orange County and Los Angeles, but not all of them will be willing to take on the task of inspecting condo balconies and other elevated structures and producing the required follow-up report. To save time, condo associations would be wise to contact a company like Diamond Touch Strategies (DTS), which specializes in compliance issues like SB 326.

DTS has put together a team of architects and structural engineers who can complete condo balcony inspections in Orange County and Los Angeles in a timely manner so a condo association can be in full compliance with SB 326.

Jim Diaz, founder of DTS, had this to say: “My team has worked hard to understand what SB 326 requires of condo association boards and management companies and has put together resources to help meet those requirements. If you serve on the board of a condo association in Orange County or Los Angeles with three or more units, I highly encourage you to contact us soon to get the inspection process started so your condo association will be in compliance well in advance of the January 2025 deadline.”

Condo associations that fail to meet the requirements of SB 326 could be fined several hundred dollars per day, per balcony until they are in compliance. There is no reason to delay getting the required inspections done until the last minute. Contact DTS today to inquire about balcony inspection pricing for condo associations in Orange County and Los Angeles.

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