Make Your Son Look Dapper

“Taste and style are beyond clothes.”

When the style icon Ralph Lauren says something, we all believe him. The word, style is something very personal; it reflects your personality and your vibe. And it is not only associated with grown-up adults. Even little ones are stylish today.

Every parent loves to dress up their toddlers. Every parent will relate to the excitement of getting them new clothes and accessories. Even kids love to dress up in new clothes and accessories. Generally, kids are fond of poppy colors and shiny dresses. Today, there are so many brands that focus only on kid’s clothing.

It is often said that it is easier for girls as they have a lot of varieties of clothing and accessories. Having fun while dressing up boys is difficult because they have limited options. But it is not valid anymore. You can make your boys look stylish in numerous ways nowadays.

Here are some tips that you need to follow to make your toddler look dapper.

1.     Prioritize comfort and confidence

Always make sure your boy is comfortable with whatever he wears. The clothing should be made up of soft material, and the material should not prick the kid. Always try out the clothing in the store, and make sure your kid is able to walk and run in it easily. Because kids almost never sit in a place, it is important to check mobility in any outfit. It does not matter if your child is booking the most stylish if he is not comfortable. If your child is comfortable, he will also exude confidence in whatever he wears. Confidence is the main key to being stylish.

2.     Dress up according to the occasion

This tip is for everyone- you cannot wear casual graphic tees anywhere and everywhere. Invest in some good suits for boys for formal events, and make them wear casual T-shirts for brunches or picnics, something that goes with the theme of a birthday party. Your son will definitely stand out if he follows the vibe of the occasion.

3.     Play with colors

Children can rock any color with a panache. After growing up, people often get stuck in a loop of neutral colors. So, make sure you add enough colors to your boy’s wardrobe. Never restrict the colors in their wardrobe to blues, black, and greys; instead, add pinks, reds, and oranges to make them outshine everyone.

4.     Accessorize right

Who says there are not enough accessories for boys? We are living in the 21st century, where everyone can become fashionable by accessorizing the right way. You can get hats and sunglasses to make them look cool. Ties are a great way to accessories, which can be paired with casual and formal shirts accordingly. A variety of footwear and scarves can also serve as fantastic accessories and add so many elements to their look. The trick is to not overdo it because it can ruin the look. You can skip jewelry if your little one is not comfortable.

5.     Get a size larger

Children grow up pretty quickly. So, it is always advised to buy them clothing that is one or two sizes larger. Also, sizing for children is many times confusing because every child has his own growth rate. By getting a size larger, there is a good chance that the outfit will be wearable for at least six months and your toddler will not outgrow it.


Children are every parent’s little model, who they love to dress up. The key to making your toddler look stylish is by making them feel comfortable and by not forcing our views on them. Simply avoid getting them into grownups’ fashion and over-accessorizing. Otherwise, your son will rock any party!

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