Simonton vs. Milgard: What Fremont, California Homeowners Need to Know About These Popular Replacement Window Brands

The search for a good brand of replacement windows for homes in Fremont, California often comes down to two choices: Simonton vs. Milgard. Both brands of windows are very popular in Fremont (and throughout the West Coast of the United States, for that matter), so it makes sense that homeowners often compare the two brands to each other.

To be sure, there are a lot of similarities between the two brands. Both make windows that are widely available in big box stores, as well as from independent replacement window dealers in Fremont. Both companies also make replacement windows with vinyl frames, which is what most homeowners are looking for, given the durability and affordability of vinyl. In addition, Milgard and Simonton are both large, well-known companies that have been around for many years, giving them both reputations for being stable, reputable companies that will stand behind their products.

In a head-to-head comparison, most window experts would give the edge to Simonton when it comes to window quality. While definitely not the highest quality windows on the market, Simonton’s vinyl replacement windows are decent, entry-level products that come with a good warranty that is backed by a solid company. Simonton replacement windows come with a lifetime warranty that covers the windows’ frames, hardware, and glass. The Verona line of Simonton windows, which is sold on the West Coast, doesn’t offer a lot of special features, but is a solid choice for the average homeowner in Fremont looking to upgrade their windows.

Like Simonton windows, Milgard’s vinyl replacement windows would also be considered a good budget-friendly option. For many years, Milgard focused on making windows for new construction, but recently have increased their efforts to further expand into the replacement window market. Homeowners who have older Milgard windows that were installed when the home was built often choose Milgard windows again when it comes time to replace or upgrade them.

Michal Kuron, owner of Custom Exchange, a replacement window company serving Fremont had this to say: “We have sold both Simonton and Milgard windows to homeowners in Fremont, California. Both brands offer a good value to homeowners and go a long way to make homes more energy efficient—especially when the new windows are replacing old, single pane windows with aluminum frames. We also offer vinyl replacement windows by Monte Verde, which is another great brand that Fremont homeowners should consider. While not as widely known as Simonton and Milgard, Monte Verde products are durable, energy efficient, and come at a great price point.”

Kuron advises his customers to not only consider “household names” when looking for replacement windows for their Fremont homes. Instead, he says, “Consider a variety of brands and really take the time to compare their features and energy-saving technologies. In addition, make sure you work with a replacement window company you can trust—one that will give you honest advice and not try to upsell you on upgrades you don’t really need.”

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