Tips for Protecting Your Outdoor Furniture from the Melbourne Weather

Outdoor furniture in Melbourne can be a great addition to any home, allowing you to take full advantage of your outdoor space. However, in a city such as Melbourne where the weather conditions can vary greatly from one day to the next, it can be difficult to protect your outdoor furniture and extend its longevity. While you’ll have to scrutinise and think about the type of outdoor furniture you buy, you’ll also need to take into account the often-unpredictable weather conditions that Melbourne is known for. This article will offer some tips on how to best protect your outdoor furniture from the elements so that you can enjoy it for years to come.

The Effect of Melbourne’s Climate on Outdoor Furniture

Melbourne has a temperate oceanic climate, which means that it experiences warm summers and cool winters with moderate rainfall year-round. This changeable weather can take its toll on outdoor furniture in Melbourne, especially if it’s not made from materials that are resistant to rusting, water damage or corrosion. Whether it’s high winds, driving rain or blistering sun, the outdoor furniture you choose ideally needs to be sturdy enough to withstand whatever the Melbourne weather throws at it.

Choosing the Right Outdoor Furniture

When choosing outdoor furniture in Melbourne, the best way to protect it is to start at the source and only buy furniture that’s made from strong materials. For example, metals such as aluminium or stainless steel are good choices for outdoor furniture, as they’re highly resistant to rust when cared for properly. Timber is also a popular material for outdoor furniture, but it will need to be regularly sealed and maintained to protect it from the weather, so this may not be ideal if you’re looking for a more low maintenance option. Wicker outdoor furniture likewise can be a beautiful addition to any outdoor space, but you might opt for a synthetic version rather than natural wicker. Synthetic wicker is generally a lower maintenance material, while natural wicker is not as durable and may break down over time if not cared for properly.

Outdoor Furniture Care Tips

Caring for your outdoor furniture in Melbourne properly will help you get the most out of your furniture and potentially even extend its lifespan, regardless of what type of material it’s made from. It’s important to clean your furniture on a regular basis, especially after periods of bad weather when dirt and debris can accumulate. A mild detergent mixed with water should suffice, but you may need a stronger chemical or cleaner if adverse weather has left your furniture with any tough stains. Regardless of the material your outdoor furniture is made from, you should also be sure to rinse off any soap residue afterwards so it doesn’t leave marks or streaks on your furniture. You should also aim to store your outdoor furniture undercover when not in use to protect it from the elements and keep it clean.

While outdoor furniture in Melbourne can add beauty and function to any home, it’s important to choose your pieces wisely and care for them properly if you want them to last. That means taking into account the often-unpredictable weather conditions that Melbourne is known for and staying on top of cleaning and maintaining your outdoor furniture. By following just a few tips outlined in this article, you’ll be better positioned to enjoy your outdoor furniture for years to come.

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