What You Should Know About Shower Mixer Sets

Shower mixer set is an incredible invention that many bathrooms in India are equipped with. It is very similar to a regular shower that dispenses water when you turn on the faucet. However, the only difference is the shower mixer set is connected to both hot and cold water supplies in your home.

It mixes the hot and cold water in a valve before sending it out through the shower head with a better and stronger flow than the electric showers. However, the intensity or the volume of the water flow you get from the shower depends on the pressure of the water system installed in your home.

The shower mixer sets also allow you to control the water flow and temperature as per your needs through the shower valve or the adjustable bath taps. Thus, the shower mixer sets give you better control over the temperature you want and have a wonderful bathing experience every time.

Types of shower mixer sets

Single lever shower mixer

As the name suggests, a single lever shower mixer features a single lever that can be moved in upward and downward direction to control the water flow from the shower in a better way. You can also control the water temperature as you want by moving the lever sidewards.

There are two types of single lever shower mixer, it can be an exposed shower or concealed shower. In the latter, the plumbing fixtures are concealed in the world, and only the shower lever valve remains on the outside.

Sequential mixer shower

This type of mixer shower is easy to use because of its simple rotary control system. You can easily turn on the shower and control the water temperature by turning it in a particular direction; the more you turn in, the hotter the water. However, one of the drawbacks of this type of mixer shower is that you cannot control the water flow like the single lever mixer shower. The sequential mixer shower also can be either concealed or exposed.

Concentric mixer shower

Generally, a concentric mixer shower has two rotary-style control systems that are placed one above the other. You can turn the shower on by turning the outer control on, and also control the intensity and volume of the water flow. The inner control system allows you to regulate the water temperature. When you turn in one way, you get hot water, and when you turn in the other way, you get cold water.

The best thing about this mixer shower type is that you can set the inner control to the preferred temperature before you turn off the shower so that when you turn it on the next time, you get the same water temperature instantly.

Dual control mixer shower set

This type of mixer shower set has two controls. One controls the water flow and the other controls the temperature. Like the concentric mixer shower set, in dual control mixer shower, you can leave the chosen setting for the next use. The dual control mixer shower set is mostly concealed.

Bar mixer shower

This shower mixer has two controls on a single bar. One control is for regulating the water flow, and other for managing water temperature. Some bar mixer shower sets also have diverter valves that allow you to control the water flow, and switch the water between overhead shower or hand shower.

Final Word

If you want to buy a shower mixer set for your bathroom, knowing about the different types of mixer showers, and their features and functions will help you choose the right model.

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